Transforming Bank Branches with Enhanced Security and Service

Sky Eyes Security for Bank branch network can identify people on a list of interest to ensure a safe environment, and help improve service and build stronger customer relationships.

A Smart Solution For Branch Network
• Intelligent Application
Monitors and secures the bank
Conducts customer behavioral analysis to improve efficiency
• Centralized Management
All devices can be managed easily on a Central Management System (CMS), including CCTV, video wall, intelligent system, and more
• Maintenance Management
A unified security device management helps users to discern the status of devices & storage in a comprehensive and intuitive way, improving system functionality and maintainability.

Solution Architecture

Banking Branch Scenario

• Banking & Finance
• Retail
• Education
• Safe City
• Transportation

Chain Store Solution with the Most Advanced AI Technologies
Sky Eyes Security is dedicated to developing the most advanced AI technology and to making it available in affordable, convenient, and vitally effective packages for today’s needs. More than just security, the Retail Chain Solution packs the most advanced AI technologies into complete end-to-end solutions for multi-site shopping areas of any kind. Loss prevention, precision marketing, intelligent operation, and more all come together in this flexible and powerful platform.

Security & Loss Prevention

• Habitual thief recognition
• Warehouse fire prevention
• EAS integration
• VCA detection
• POS data overlay

Precision Marketing

  • IP recognition
  • Customer analysis 

Intelligent Operation

• Remote store inspection
• People counting
• Queue detection
• Heat map
• POS integration

cctv provider

Integrated management
Access control
Flexible video storage

Creating Secure and Serene Learning Environments
As students spend the majority of the day in schools, campus security is of paramount importance to every school administrator and every parent. In order to develop an effective security system, all the possible risks – including suspects breaking into campus, stealing, and threatening student safety – must be fully considered. A campus security and protection solution utilizing Skyeyes’s most advanced network, audio, video, and intelligent recognition technologies, ensures students, parents, and administrators can enjoy a secured and serene learning environment.

• High management efficiency with integrated systems
• High efficiency emergency processing
• Organized management in school subsystems
• No blind spots in video surveillance and alarm systems
• High system intelligence level
• Sufficient staff for campus management
• Few alarm devices in open areas such as playgrounds

Application Scenarios

School Gate

• Facial image capture and blacklist arming
• Automatic number plate recognition(ANPR)
• Under vehicle surveillance system(UVSS)

Public Areas

PanoVu cameras provide a comprehensive view for large open areas as well as clear close-up video surveillance when needed.

Main Roads

DarkFighter cameras ensure video surveillance of the main roads is clear day and night.

Office Areas

For other indoor areas such as meeting rooms, offices, financial offices, and laboratories, access control devices can be used to unlock doors. Users can customize various combinations of cards, fingerprints, or facial information for access credentials.

Campus Perimeter

Line crossing detection
Intrusion detection
Region entrance & Existing

Monitoring Rooms

• Small wall
• Alarm management
• Maintenance

School BUS

A Safe Journey for Students
A school bus system is one of the most important transportation methods for students all over the world. But the potential safety risks associated with them often go overlooked. A school bus security system should be able to:

• Supervise drivers to prevent unsafe driving
• Capture the bus’s interior and exterior for comprehensive monitoring
• Monitor the entire vehicle and ensure students remain safe to and from school
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System Architecture
• Onboard video management
Mobile video recorder and cameras installed on vehicle

• Transmission Network
Using 3G or 4G network connections

• iVMS Management
Central management for monitoring and more

Optional Wi-Fi backup:
With high transmission speeds (over 30 Mbps per device), users can backup and secure all video footage of an entire day rapidly.

Log rides with student ID cards:
ID cards equipped with parent contact information send text messages as students board the bus. Information on a card also transmits to the command center for recording, reviewing, or exporting reports.

Safe City
Advanced Security, Safer Society
The Skyeyes Safe City Solution provides sound, stable, and reliable municipal security. It features a series of advanced technologies and various security subsystems to safeguard industries, centralize operations, and integrate security platforms. These integrated technologies enable rapid and effective responses to security needs and events. All componentry, software, and services in the Safe City Solution reinforce public administration, improve people’s lives, and boost substantial, long-term development.

Skyeyes Safe City Solution Features:
• Personnel protection, forensic investigation, vehicle surveillance, parallel analysis, video patrol, and information retrieval;
• Status analysis, comprehensive assessment, preventive measures, data relationship mining, centralized security footage, and valuable statistics.

City Surveillance

A well-crafted city surveillance system will deter vandals and prevent security threats, and the best installations go unnoticed by the public at large. Skyeyes provides a series of front-end devices in various applications to provide strategic surveillance and prevent criminal activities. And when events do occur, this City Surveillance System significantly improves efficiency for post-event investigation.

Vehicle Management

One of the key features of Skyeyes’s Safe City Solution is its ability to help authorities manage traffic and monitor vehicles.

Traffic Enforcement Applications

Ensuring road safety and smooth travel, the system can detect violations & behavior for further analysis.
• Red light violation
• Wrong-way driving
• Illegal lane change
• Illegal parking
• Speeding violation
• Unfastened seatbelt

Traffic Flow Management

Traffic big data analysis predicts traffic in advance to prevent traffic jams, as well as conducts effective signal control and guidance.

• Traffic guidance
• Traffic signal control
• Traffic event detection

Vehicle Applications For Public Security
Combining ANPR cameras with back-end analysis servers allows the Skyeyes traffic system to recognize not only generic features such as license plates or vehicle color, but also to identify characteristics specific to one vehicle – such as the number of stickers on the wind shield – through data
Similarity tests among vehicle types help law enforcement to identify a suspected vehicle. This is a useful addition to the conventional method of identification using structured data such as license plate numbers.

Facial Recognition

The system provides accurate facial recognition results thanks to the Skyeyes face capture cameras and powerful servers. Skyeyes optimizes facial recognition algorithms for different countries and regions to achieve higher accuracy rate.

Body Characteristics And Abnormal Behavior

The real-time video analysis algorithm can model an individual’s body characteristics using video streams from existing cameras. The back-end analysis server is also equipped with algorithms that can detect abnormal behavior, such as sudden running, wandering, or intrusion, via video streams.

Crowd Density Prediction

The crowd density analysis system is designed for large open areas such as public squares, stations, and airports. Through high-definition video stream analysis, the system is able to calculate the population density within a designated area. If the density exceeds the preset threshold, alarm notification will be shown.

Smart Traffic, Safe Transit
Skyeyes is committed to providing complete and innovative solutions in Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS). From an illegal parking detection system to a mobile police security system, or even integrated into a comprehensive control platform, Skyeyes’s Intelligent traffic solution will have you covered.

Speeding Detection Traffic Incident Detection System Intersection Violation Detection

Traffic Flow Collection Parking Violation Mobile Enforcement

Traffic Guidance Traffic Management Signal Control System